Combat is triggered with a formal declariation of war (Siren, Electronic Notice, Shots Fired). Civilians are given sixty seconds of fair warning and allowed to exit the combat zone without harm if said people aren't actors for a video being made.

  • When shot in the arm, leg, or torso, a player must freeze the stricken body part for no less than thirty seconds.
  • A direct chest shot requires the player to lay his gun down for ten seconds, and the player's weapon may be taken during timeout.
  • Three chest shots, or a single headshot is fatal, meaning end of combat for that player, or if it is a more than one life game that player must return to the respawn point to get back in the game.
  • No head or back shots when someone is not engaged in play or is hurt, therefore taking a few minutes off, unless they are doing it under false preferences. No shots to the face under any circumstances.
  • Belligerent actors may not hoard foam ammo, or shoot wounded players in timeout.
  • Last team standing wins the volley. Winner take all.